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NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 September ride is temporarily postponed.
Keep visiting the website and Facebook page for up-to-date information and updates.

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To join the ride please visit our Just Giving page

How to Enter

1. Go to the Just Giving page and donate the £65 entry fee.
2. Work out your average speed for 52 miles.
3. Email stating your intention to ride, and give your average speed so we can set out the field for September 12th.

This year's ride with Jens Voigt will take place on Saturday September 12th and will follow a circular route around the New Forest covering 52 miles of sporting roads. As in the past we will keep the field to a maximum of 120 riders and the cost this year will be £65, all the money raised will go to the Epilepsy Society.

On the day Amy will have a selection of items from Jens plus cycling outlets to sell to raise money for our chosen charities.

We have decided to remove the offer of free t-shirts as it became too involved, we will however have a number of shirts for sale after the ride. As in the past Amy will have her Wishing Well for donations plus there will be a number of items donated by Jens. The HQ is listed below plus a route map, we hope riders can download this for the ride as in the past we have put out directional signs only to find them removed. All riders are expected to have personal insurance with either the CTC or BCF as the organisers will not be held responsible for any accidents or injury on the day.

How it Works

This is not a race or a Sportive but a chance to ride and chat with Jen Voigt, one of the legends of the pro cycling scene over the past decade.

To help ensure that you spend time with Jens, we do things a bit differently here.

We break the field down into small groups of up to 10 riders graded accordingly to your average riding speed.

Each group will be led by local riders who will control the pace and guide you on the route.

We ask that you stay in your group and maintain a steady pace. Meantime; Jens and Marion Clignet will be on the road working their way back through each group in turn taking the time to speak to each of you.

It is important that you stay with your group and keep the grounds in order so that Jens and Marion can share their time fairly. Once you have had your time with Jens then if you really want to spread your wings you are free to do so – or simply continue to enjoy your group ride through the New Forest.

PLEASE NOTE: When signing up please state your estimated average speed for 52 miles.

Guide Notes for Leaders

1. Endeavour to maintain your agreed average speed at least until Jens has passed through.
2. Maintain a visible gap between your group and the group ahead. In the event of a mechanical then please keep your group together and slot back in to the running order once your mechanical is resolved.
3. Ensure you know who is in your group at the start. Explain to your group that you will be setting the pace and your colleague will be acting as back marker. Reinforce that you should be riding as a group and that no one should ride ahead.
4. Once Yens has passed through, allow those who wish to ride on ahead. Stay with the slower riders and encourage them home.

To join the ride please visit our Just Giving page


Click HERE for the GPX Track & TCX Course (zipped) for Garmins and other GPS devices.

Alternatively, choose which file you'd like to download below. The GPX & TCX files are likely to open in your web browser. To download them directly, right-click / Ctrl-click the links and choose "Save link as..." or "Save target as..."

WATCH Jens Introduce the 2018 Event


"Shut Up Legs! Is the way all superstar sportives should be; intimate, equal, leisurely and conversational. 50 miles at Saturday club run pace through
the pretty tourist villages of Sway and Burley saw the ride winding its way over heath and through meandering and ponies."

~ David Harmonn

"I did wonder if anyone would think the £100 I was asking for would be too much and people wouldn’t come.
I’ve spent most of my adult life raising money for charity, my daughter suffers from epilepsy and learning difficulties and I’ve worked so hard to make this happen to raise money to help others like her"

~ Stuart Grace

"There are short sharp hills to test the mettle but the big draw is the scenery and the tremendous state of the roads. Certainly, compared to those of the Ladies of the Lakes and
Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford or even my home county of Shropshire, the roads that played host the Shut Up Legs! are the deep, shag pile carpet of the sportive world."

~ David Harmon